About Timothy Richard Salon


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Be the best at our craft

Value every guest and provide them with the best quality service

Create a relaxed, yet professional, environment for our guests

Provide our team with a path to grow themselves as career stylists

Value education: never stop evolving and growing


TIMOTH RICHARD SALON fosters the individual style and creativity of both our stylists and our guests. Aside from the expansive knowledge and training each stylist has received they continue to remain on top of the latest trends and styles. We believe continuing education is key to giving our guests the best possible services.

All of our stylists are extensively trained how to create a complete overall style for you, and to educate you about how to achieve the same look at home.  We are always ready with hot tips, tricks of the trade, hair care, and styling products so you can have salon beautiful hair every day!

Please come and see us for a complimentary consultation before you make an appointment. This will ensure you are matched with the best stylist for you and your individual needs!

Master Stylist

Every stylist we hire goes through a rigorous program of continued education before they ever take a client of their own. This can be considered a “Masters Degree” in cosmology.  They receive hundreds of additional hours of hands-on, written, and visual education on color theory, chemistry, principle-based design and the art of consultation.

Level System

At TRS, we utilize a level system to offer our guests the most customized service possible with pricing that accommodates any budget.  As each artist meets specific goals throughout their career, they receive a promotion and their level is raised.  Each artist’s pricing/level is strict based on several factors, guest satisfaction, guest retention, performance, education and the demand for their time.  That being said, whether you book with a level one or a level six, you will be in the hands of a well-trained artist that has completed a Master of Cosmetology.